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Volunteer service certification unit

Supplementary explanation of Taoyuan District’s 12-year Chinese education off-campus volunteer service learning certification resources

  • Based on:
    • National Basic Education Exemption Entrance Excess Ratio "Multiple Learning Performance" Calculation Principles, IV. (2) 3. Off-campus service learning certificates are issued by service agencies (institutions), legal persons, and people's organizations registered with the government, and then Certified by the school.
    • Implementation Points 4. (2) 2. Certification of off-campus volunteer service learning: government agencies (including schools at all levels, excluding the village chief’s office) ) or those registered in accordance with the People's Organization Law shall provide service experience certification documents.
      • Care and services for disadvantaged groups: services in nursing homes, hospitals, kindergartens and other institutions.
      • Non-political, commercial, for-profit and unpaid services organized by government agencies, schools or public welfare groups.
      • Volunteers recruited by various communities or public welfare units on a long-term or temporary basis.
      • Other public welfare service activities approved by the school.
  • Promote service learning experience sharing within schools:
    • Master the basic principles: perform services during club activities, holidays, after school or other appropriate times. Services performed during class time are not included in the service learning certification (unless special circumstances are recognized by the school).
    • The service learning information of each department is clear and clear, and the contact book, special area webpage, physical bulletin board, and meeting time are used to strengthen publicity, and the information is direct, open and transparent.
    • Recommended content in the special area: laws and regulations, school regulations, manual scanned files, on-campus volunteer information, off-campus contact unit information, public sector service learning information, etc.
    • Remind and encourage teachers of each class to invest, convey information, and assist in promotion.
    • The service learning materials handled by each office shall be properly kept, such as sign-in and check-out lists, photos, etc., for reference.
    • Take care of the disadvantaged and give priority to providing opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in on-campus service learning.

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